Previously on Nesting: Season 1
by Hannah Quigg

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After the death of her aunt, Thea (Rose Proctor) finds herself living alone… though in her solitude, she starts hearing things. Is she really alone in the house? At the behest of her Mother, Thea agrees to let her childhood best friend Gabe (Nate Crosby) move in to keep her company.

Gabe and his domineering girlfriend Penny (Alwynn Accuardi) move in all their boxes and settle into their new home. However their presence has not dispelled Thea's unease. She continues to hear whispers and noises, knocking, and her name being called. As they unpack, Gabe gets a group picture of the three on the couch, and Thea and Gabe remember some of the joys of their childhood. After an unexpected power outage, a blue box appears on the coffee table.

Over the next couple of days, the three roommates have their own experiences with the box. As each of them touch it (first Penny, then Gabe), they allow The Man access to them and their deepest desires and fears. Eventually Penny and Gabe turn against Thea and she becomes cornered.

Thea finds herself alone, and searches the entire house for her friends. Nothing. After a while, Gabe and Penny enter with a baby, confused as to what Thea is doing there. Thea is perplexed. Who lives here if she doesn't? The Man enters and Thea attempts to introduce herself - they all laugh at her and ask her to leave, handing her the blue box. Thea starts to leave, but instead explores the space. She reminds herself of her connection to the things there. Gabe and Penny remember too. Thea gives the box back to The Man, and he leaves.

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Thea finds herself alone once again, but this time the blue box is gone. She searches the house for signs of The Man. He's gone. Thea goes upstairs, and finally sleeps in her own room.

In the morning, Penny, Gabe, and Thea - like a new woman - come downstairs and happily start their day together - until Gabe receives a call from his mother asking him to come to the hospital right away. After they leave, Thea tries to clean up, and discovers behind the couch, once again, the blue box. She smashes it, and The Man appears with a fresh blue box for her. After a violent altercation, Thea stabs The Man… only to discover that she has not stabbed him at all, but rather Penny, who had run back upstairs to get something before leaving. The Man offers Thea the box, which she accepts. Thea pulls out the contents of the box. It's a framed photograph. She sets it on the table, takes in the house, and smiling, she leaves.

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It is the same morning again. Everything is exactly the same. Only Thea has been replaced by The Man. The Man notices the picture on the coffee table, and reminds them of the photo they all took together. It's the photo Gabe took on the first day - only instead of Thea, it is The Man in the photograph. They all agree it's a wonderful photo. Gabe receives a text from his mom - everything is fine. Gabe reveals to The Man his plan to propose to Penny. The Man gazes around the house, smiling. Penny remarks how happy they all are to have a place like this for a home.